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20th-Jan-2012 08:59 pm - J-ROCK CD / DVD SALE!

Hi again,

I need to let go of a part of my Jrock collection. It´s not easy for me, but I need the money. All CDs and DVDs are in Top condition some are even unwatched / not listended too, yet and with Obi. Prices for the DVDs and CD vary. I checked the current japanese prices too and decided to stay at the same price level most of the times.

Please take a look here!Collapse )

24th-Jul-2011 02:45 pm - Big J-Rock magazine sale post!

Hey everybody,

I decided to sell a part of my J-Rock magazine collection. All magazines are in Top condition from a non-smoking household. Mostly Shoxx, Shoxx bis, Arena 37°c, Arena 37°c Special, FOOL`S MATE and some MUSIQ and ZY magazines.

Please take a look here!Collapse )

7th-Nov-2007 02:35 pm - friends list checked
Hi I removed some people from my friends list that didn´t even bother to leave a comment at all. Everybody else thank you for commenting ^__^
15th-Sep-2007 05:46 pm - To all new friends!
Gomen ne.
If I forgot to add someone to my friends list or if you´re new and would like to see the friends only posts. Add me to your friends list, I´ll add you back of course^^
Please post here if I forgot to add you! I speak german, english and japanese choose for yourself^^


Thanks to metalgearmatt16 for reminding me of that :)
Seems like all my files from Mediafire are gone. I´m not sure why. But my entries are friendslocked from now on. I like to give a lot but I´m very sad about what happened. It took days and days to give and maybe it´s all gone now.
If you want to see my entrys, you can add me as a friend, I´m always happy about new friends but I think I have to be more careful from now on.
Nyappy ^_^
It´s working again now, Mediafire seemed to have some problems. All links are working again. Please have fun ^_^ Sorry if I caused some trouble I´m still new to all this LJ stuff.
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